How do i add courses to the course app?

How are you building your courses Sheet? You can add an add button option in your Courses tab to add new rows to that Sheet.

Im using the course app?

So it’s a template you copied from the store? Not all of us are familar with those templates, so if you can include some screenshots of the current data structure and your app settings that would help.

Have you viewed the underlying sheet that connects to this app?

In the screeshot you shared, you’re viewing as “anyone”, which is not a signed-in user.

Can you provide intsturctions on how i can do that, perhaps that can solve my problem?

It might be a good idea to spend some time with the glide documentation and videos to get an idea of how to use it.


Hi @Tawab_Attaie, This is Miguel the creator of the template you purchased. Thanks!

The template has 8 sample courses preloaded. The first course is actually an entire course teaching how to use the template in much detail.

So for the first step, I would recommend you watch that course within the template itself.

Then, you can open the Google Sheet for the template and clear all the courses (Courses Sheet) and lessons (Lessons Sheet) to start from scratch.

To add new courses, you need to view the template as the Admin which is the first user available in the drop down list. You should also change the name and email of the Admin user with your own name and email.

To add new courses, you need to click on the sandwich menu on the top right and then click on Admin. Once there, you’ll see buttons to add new courses and lessons.

As I mentioned, all of this is explained in the sample free course provided in the template itself.

Please feel free to send me any support questions to miguel at




What is the name of the first course?

Also, I clicked on the first course and it is not letting me whatch it, any tips?

@grumo Hello,
How do I access the form so I can remove your name and insert my name? I am attaching the screenshot to this post and how can I access the Google Analtyics tool for this app?

@Tawab_Attaie to access the app’s spreadsheet, do the following:

  1. Click on the data icon on the top (marked with an arrow).
  2. Click on the spreadsheet icon that will appear on the bottom left corner of your screen.