How could I use a new lookup that does not depend on a relation

Let me ask you a quick question.

New lookup was released two days ago.

Lookup column can now look up tables

](Lookup column can now look up tables - Glide - Glide Updates)

Now we can pick a table without depending on a relation column, which sounds great.
However, what could we use the lookup for?
When I created a lookup column and connected it to a random column of a random table, then I got all the values of that column…and what is next?

Thank you very much in advance!

In the case you don’t connect it through a relation, the thing that will be returned is an array of the chosen column for all rows of the chosen table.

Personally I haven’t found a use case for this, maybe save me some columns when I connect the output array with an Experimental Code column to reverse/do more data manipulation with it.

Thank you for your speedy reply!

Well then, we still need a relation column to make the best of a lookup column…OK Thank you!

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