How can users create their private page and share it

Hi Community,
Im evolving my Glide App to a restaurant guide that can allow users to build their own personal guide for themselves (private thanks to the user-only column).
I would like to propose a premium feature which make possible to share the personal guide (make it public for other users)

I am struggling to find the way to do that.
I need your help please.

There is the app but it is in French :

Thanks a lot to anybody who will advice me something :slight_smile:

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One possible way that quickly comes to mind is to create a Public Guides Table, where when the user chooses to share their guide, it adds a copy of their private guide to the Public Guide Table? Then you can add an inline list using the Public Guide Table?


I think just add a boolean premium column and let users turn it on/off if they have a subscription. This is assuming you don’t use row owners.


Thanks @ThinhDinh
I use row owners and I don’t really understand the solution you’ve proposed. :sweat_smile:

Thank you @Joe_Gabriele
Ive been thinking about it. I really don’t see how to do it. :sweat_smile:

  1. How to make that one user sees the private guide (inline list) of another user since guide is displayed thanks to a user-specific column?
  2. How to do a copy of a guide based on a user-specific parameter?

There are probably much better ways to do it… but I only need to hide emails, which are stored in the first column (A) on my Users Tab.

So in my Google Sheet, I created another Tab called “Public Profiles”, added Row ID and in top of the 2nd Column I just simply did ={Users!B1:AN}, where AN is my last column in my User Pages.

This will essentially duplicate everything that happens in my Users Sheet, except for my Email Column which I want to keep private behind Row Owners. The caveat is that you cant manually edit the any data in the copied Rows on the Public Profile sheet as it will need to be done on the User Sheet. However, you can add calculated columns, relations, etc.

Someone else might have a better way to create a copy of your User sheet to only display the info you want to be publicly accessible.


If Bleriot uses row owners, my alternative is like this.

  • Add a boolean “Public” column.
  • Add an arrayformula column to join all emails in the Profiles sheet.
  • Add an arrayformula column that uses an IF logic. If Public is not true then return only the owner’s email, if Public is true then return the owner’s email plus the joined emails in step 2.
  • Finally, a split arrayformula to split those emails into multiple columns, with headers in the right formula for Glide to generate an array column. Set the row owner on that array column.
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Hi! Did you find a way to sort this out?