Sharing pages within app

Hi! Quick question: does our glide app have to be set to public with zero privacy settings switched on in order to share user profiles to non-users?

Short answer: No.

Privacy settings are irrelevant. It really depends if you have Row Owners applied in your User Profiles or not. If you don’t, then you can make profiles visible to any user - signed in or not.
If you do, then it’s still possible, but a little trickier. You’d need to create a separate Public Profiles table without Row Owners applied.

No I currently do not have role owners assigned to any columns in any of my sheets. Mostly because the tutorials kind of confused me and it seemed like it was only for team apps so I haven’t made use of that function yet :slight_smile: so without role owner enabled does this mean I can just simply add a button that will let anyone share any profile and it will be visible to the public?

Well yes, but it depends what that button does.
Just thinking out aloud, you could probably have a boolean column in your User Profiles table, and when somebody clicks your “Share” button you could have an action that sets that column to true.

Then you could have an Inline List of “Public” profiles somewhere, and filter it where that boolean “is checked”.


Brilliant. Yes this is a great suggestion. Making sure we also give the privacy power to the individual. I’ll set that up and let everyone know they can choose to make theirs shareable or not.

So to answer what it does, for the button would just want it to share a public link that shows only the profile page.

I should note that without Row Owners applied this won’t be fully secure.

Every user device will get a full copy of all the data in your users table, but it will just be hidden from view unless that boolean is checked.

That doesn’t mean that a curious user can’t get at it if they really want to and they know how. Because they can. This may or may not be important for you, but it’s something to be aware of.


Ok duly noted, thanks so much!

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