How can one access the comments

I want to build an ecosystem through comments, where an employee and his manager can connect.

For Eg: Let’s say an employee A performance is very good, in lieu of that, the manager decides to reward him, after giving him the reward, the manager have posted a message through comments, the employee can respond him back in the same comments thread.

so the same comment thread is shared among both employee and the manager.

Should the comment thread belong to the manager/employee relationship, or should it belong to the reward received?

Comment threads are tied to an identifier. That identifier could be the new record that gets created when the manager adds a reward to the employee. The identifier could instead be the employee’s email or row id if the comment thread should persist for any reward given.


yes it should belong to the reward received. So when the manager post a comment to a specific user then he/she can see in his/her notification screen.

Here you can see there are the comments stored to a specific user using a identifier, but i want to the specific users their comments posted by their manager

Are you using a native Glide comments element? if yes… I would recommend building your own… you will have much more flexibility

yes @Uzo , i am using the native glide comments element, but i am thinking of somehow storing the user specific messages in an array so that the user can track the previous messages also. Do you have any idea what components can be used to build components.

so you have to create a sheet… similar to the Glide comment sheet…
Add column “to whom” so you have a track of recipients…
then simply use USC to create a message using text entry element, and submit button with a custom action to add a row in that sheet, and copy this USC entry and add a timestamp, user email, and recipient email…
Now you can use filters and visibility conditions to manage notifications…
also, you can add triggered emails, to notify users about responses, rewards…

Here USC is referring to?

User Specific Column