Add comments to a detail screen

Thanks to this amazing community i have my details screen working.

I’d like to add the ability for user-specific commenting on the detail screen for my instructions. I’ve added two user specific columns to my instruction table - comments and lastCommentDate.

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  1. The fields in the pre-defined layout editor for comments list fields like Author name and I’d like to value the name of the commentor with their name from the users table but this field is a relation column in my instruction table and glide doesn’t let me select relation tables.

Likely I’m not using the correct approach.


What are your intentions with these comments? Can you explain what you are trying to do? I feel like you may be heading down the wrong path in multiple ways.

User specific columns are only going to hold values specific to a user, meaning each user will only see their own values that they entered into those user specific columns. Nobody else will see them. USC columns are meant to provide a unique experience for each user. You can’t aggregate or see comments from multiple users if you use user specific columns.

Are you trying to have multiple comments on a specific instruction row that multiple people can view, or would each user have only one comment that only they can see themselves. Or can a user have multiple comments, but still only see their own?

In addition to the use of user specific columns, I also suspect that the comments feature may also be the wrong approach, but I need to know now about your end goal.

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Thanks for the questions Jeff.

At this stage I would like the comments to be specific to each user since they will likely have unique questions. In the future I could open this up but at this time its focused on private feedback with each user.

I’d like to make it more of a chat with each user so i can respond with specifics for each instruction - so it will be a threaded conversation

If another user, such as an admin is supposed to be able to view these comments, then user specific columns is not the right choice here.

So this is going to be a one to many relationship between instruction and comments. You will need a separate table for this, a relation or query between the two tables, and then each comment will be written to separate rows. Do not use user specific columns in that new table.

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Thanks much for helping avoid a dead end approach. will do. thanks

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