Do user specific columns have to be "relation" column?

I am trying to get user specific columns working for my bill/tip calculator and I am experiencing difficulty making it user specific. It’s here:

I cannot get user specific columns working…I downloaded Multiuser Calc ( )
as an example, but I am confused by the example because it shows an icon of relation column with no option to edit and both values in there.

I watched the user specific column how to videos but am still stuck…do I make a user specific column for every data entry field and every calculation field? any advice appreciated


User Specific has no direct association with relations, although you can use a user specific column in a relation and a lookup can pull a user specific column out of a relation. What you are most likely seeing is an array column, which happens to have the same icon as a relation, but is very different. An array column is multiple columns listed together as an array. You can get the by sequentially numbering columns in your sheet (Column 1, Column 2, Column 3, etc). A lookup against a multiple relation will also give you an array of values. User Specific columns can only be created new within glide. You can’t convert an existing column to user specific that is already in your sheet. You will have to create each user specific column in the data editor.

Sorry not able to download the second link for some reason.

Since your app is not public why did you not just combine per user data with row owners. We have two free templates in the template store, Split Expenses and Tip Calculator. You could use them as guides.

To answer your last query directly, since you are using digit values to + * / etc, each entry field has to be user-specific.

ok thanks, so I will ignore relation column for now, and I will create a user specific column for every entry field and every calculation field and see if that does the job

ps. the app is public, public with email or google sign in, because I think this is needed to make user specific columns

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User Specific columns work just fine in Public Apps. The only difference is the values won’t be saved for a specific user once they close the app. If you have Public with Email to make the user sign in, then the user specific column values are saved and remain when that user opens the app again or signs in on a new device.


That APP is mine and I used the old way to create a multiuser calc. In those days the user-specific columns weren’t available, sorry for the confusion.

Now I see I have to update it


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that’s ok, don’t worry, I am just learning!