Why is "user specific" grayed out?

I’m trying to create a “community” section which will allow users to add comments. I believe I need to have the “topic” column as “user-specific” but that selection is grayed out? Where did I go wrong or what do I need to change?

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You can only make a column user-specific at the moment it is made in the Data Editor. If you have an existing column, you can’t make it user-specific.


You mean, if I added it and selected it vs editing the name to what I want it to be? I think this is what I did :see_no_evil:

The checkbox has to be selected when you’re adding the column, not afterwards.


That’s what it was :+1:

Are you sure you want this to be User Specific?

Should users be able to read comments from other users?
If yes, then they won’t be able to if you make this user specific.

I’m having a difficult time grasping the concept of how comments work :pensive:
I want users to be able to interact, giving suggestions and sharing their fav items. I would like users to be able to read each others comments and be able to reply to them. Either by giving a like and or replying. I wrote a comment to see how it would work. This is what I have and it’s not really what I want…

I would like users to read the comment and reply…how do I get a reply button or add a like button…some sort of interaction?

Okay, a couple of tips.

First of all, try viewing what you have as a different user. You’ll find that the Topic (“Hello”) doesn’t show up. That’s because it’s user specific, so it will only ever be visible to the user that created it. So you probably want to change that to start with.

Second, you’ll probably want to present your comments as an inline list. Then when a user taps a comment show a details screen something similar to what you have in your screen shot.

To allow replies, you just need a button that will open a form screen. The key point here is that you will need a ParentID (or TopicID) column in your Comments table to cater for replies. So when a reply is posted, you add a new row to your Comments table and set the ParentID using a screen value (the RowID of the comment being replied to).

Once you have replies, you can show those as an Inline List on your Comment details screen. Either by creating a multiple relation, or just simply filtering by the ParentID.

One thing to be aware of - every comment and every reply will count as one row. So if you start getting lots of conversations happening, you could use up your row quota very quickly.


Thank you, this makes sense. Knowing that each comment and reply will count as a row…makes me reconsider this feature. Thank you for always helping out :+1:


Quick question,
so when we use rows and such, does it count per app we build or is it the overall plan subscription we are paying for? I guess I’m thinking, does each app have its own individual quota or does it count all the apps we build as our quota?

Row count is per App.
All other quotas are team based.

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Any good examples I can be referred to on how to set up all of these? I just can’t seem to make it work. I was able to view as inline list but once I click it doesn’t take me where I can view the comment. I think I set it up under Edit Form “allow user to edit”…is this even something I had to do for this?

@Robert_Petitto might have a video/tutorial that will help with this.

Made a quick tutorial. Not going to go much deeper on this one because Glide is not meant for building social media type apps:


Thanks a bunch!

Thank you :+1:

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