How can I show percentage increase?

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I’m trying to build a specific feature for a fitness app concept in Glide.

Upon entering a new workout for a given exercise, I want to display the percentage increase in volume (weight X reps) for each exercise since the first set. I can do this for one exercise by specifying the first volume as the starting one against which all the others should be measured. However, the problem I have is that every exercise is then measured against the volume of the first exercise, e.g. benchpress sets are measured against the first squat workout.

Does anybody know how I might achieve this for each exercise?

What’s the configuration on that Single Value column?
It looks like you’re taking the first value from the previous column.
I suspect what you need to do is take the value via the “Related exercise” column (the 2nd column).

That’s correct. I’m taking the first value from ‘Volume’, which is only suitable for sets of the same exercise. The Volume is Weight X Reps, in this same sheet.

Do you know how I would take the first volume for each exercise via the ‘Related exercise’ relation column?

Well, assuming that column is a multiple relation that relates each exercise to itself, it should just be a matter of reconfiguring the single value column to take the first volume value via that relation.

If that’s not what it is, then we might need a bit more information.

Hmmmm I think I get where you’re coming from. I’ll take a stab at it and let you know what I come up with to see if it’s what you meant :pray:

Nice. I’ve used a lookup function to look up what the starting (weight X rep) is. Thanks Darren! :clap:

Okay, so it must be a single relation. The lookup works for you here (by accident) because a single relation will return the first matching row, which in this case is exactly what you need.

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