Creating workout app for clients


I’m new to glide and I’m having an issue when creating a workout plan for PT clients.

I want to have a separate workout for each day and at the moment I have created separate tables for each workout i.e. Chest & Biceps, Quads & Hamstrings etc.

My issue is when you click on to the day of the week, I can only link one source table into a list relation and this source table becomes the source table for all of my days of the week.

Does anyone know how to resolve this?

I have created an exercise library with a filter option by workout as a temporary measure, but would like so they could click into each day of the week and it would then bring them to a different workout each day.

Let me know if need any clarity i.e. the above.

It took me an hour or 2 to figure that **** out about 5-6 hours ago :slight_smile: I almost gave up and moved to other no-code tool :slight_smile: Aaand I’m building a workout tool too :slight_smile:

Click on the Inline List → On the right-hand side menu scroll to the very bottom → Check Independent Screen Conf…. In excel sheet Glide will automatically add a new Column for Row ID. That’s it.


Haha Cheers Gio!

Easy fix that saved me time stressing…


Another thing you could do is, you could have a single table for all workouts with one column that mentions the day when that workout is scheduled for and then create a different table for days of the week.

Then create a multiple relation between days of the week and workout sheet based on the days column in both sheets.

Then display an inline list of days and inline list of the relation inside the details to show the workouts.

This is a much better way to do it that independent screens because you will have to do it once and it will apply for all days and you could always add more workouts later which will automatically get added to the correct days.