How can I move to the legacy version of Actions from the Beta?

I have opt-in for the Beta Actions but I need to I have go back to the Legacy version of Actions as I am facing the following problems:

  • let’s say 70 rows in a table, some times only 10 rows are visible ( even if I refresh them ) and the rows also get randomly sorted.

That doesn’t sound like a beta problem. That sounds like you’ve exceeded the row limit of your plan.

but the rows go away, and again come back without me doing anything.
If I had exceeded the limit, they should be gone permanently right?

Which plan are you on?
What is your data source? (Glide, Airtable, Google, Excel)
How many rows do you have in all of your tables?
Are all tables used in one way or another in your app?

What you are describing shouldn’t have anything to do with the beta.

I am on the free plan, I have 70 rows, the data is on Glide Tables

Can you record a video of the problem using Loom?