How can I make public page, then signup any user and make his profile?

Hi, everyone!
May be it’s basic question or i misunderstood something.
I wanna make open site with catalogue of users. Everyone can access it, view profiles, signup and make own personal profile. I started with template Company CRM Company CRM Template – Get access to your contacts lists and their contracts in one place. • Glide, made page open to everyone, but can’t understand how to sign up new user. No sign up button or something. Can anyone help me?

Hi @Garik,

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You can turn on the Signup option by enabling Public with email option in the settings section and setting-up the user profiles.

You can add the Signup action on a button too!

And I suggest to watch this Robert’s video too! :

If you need any further help let us know!

Thank you

Thanks for the answer, but all that i have in Pages is None or Required. There is no “Public with email” option.

Oh yeah. Pages is different a bit but same thing. You can select Required and then the user can Sign-up!

If i choose Required then it’s no more public. I need my catalogue to be viewed by anyone.

Oh then you should see a option like optional.