Best Practice for making part of site public, part private

I have been building a site with the idea that the privacy would be set to Private: Only Users in the User table can access. And for much of the site I want that to be true. But I’m now realizing that for each organization with users, they need to have one page that is public, that they can send members to that does not require sign in. It wouldn’t be practical for these casual users who want to access that page to have to sign in.

So, what is the best way to accomplish that? My inclination is to put all users who would have had accounts as a private app in the user table, make the entire app public and then restrict access to most pages (or the content of those pages) to those who are signed in . Then the “public” page could be linked to and accessible for anyone they want to send it to, but the rest of the app would be effectively private.

Is this the right approach?

Yep, that’s the way to do it.

I should warn you though that there is an annoying issue that you will run into.

When you make a project public with optional sign in (which is presumably what you will do), casual visitors will see both a “Sign In” and a “Sign Up” button. That makes sense if you allow anyone to sign in, but it makes no sense at all if you are restricting who can sign in (as you will be doing). Unfortunately there is no way to get rid of the “Sign Up” button, which is incredibly annoying. I consider it a bug and I reported it as such a few months ago, but it hasn’t yet been addressed. I’d like to think that it will be eventually.



Thanks @Darren_Murphy. Agree that is annoying. Hopefully that gets fixed.

A thing i miss about Glide at the moment is feedback about stuff like this. And all the bugs and wishes. Without promising a timeline, are they going to be worked on? In the long term or in the shorter term? Top of the list or bottom of the list?


I would love that part to be more transparent as well, or at least the status of bugs fixing.


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