How can I identify the most recent date for a related exercise?

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I’ve hit a roadblock in a fitness app that I’ve been building. As shown in the image, I have four sheets: Users, Workouts, Exercises and Sets.

Within the ‘sets’ sheet, I have the date that the set was recorded, along with the ‘Related exercise’, the ‘Rollup of dates’ in which I show the latest, and a True/False column to indicate whether this is the ‘latest set’, all of which are on the right side.

My rollup column shows the latest date for all sets, instead of the date of the last set for each exercise. So my question to you experts is: How might I show the latest date for each exercise, so that I can then designate this as True for the latest set?

Any support would be grateful appreciated :pray:

You probably want to do it in your Exercises table.
Create a multi-relation in that table that matches the exercise name with the name in the Sets table, and then do your rollup through that relation. That should give you the latest for each exercise.

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I’m not entirely sure what I did, but this worked a charm. Thank you :pray:

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