How can I add "clear" button

i want to add a clear button and remove the “pending” button i want to make an app for my store. so i dont need that but first i need to have a clear cart button

Use an action item (button or action item) to create a clear values action to the appropriate column.
Create an action item, then create a new action

In the actions editor, you will create a new set column values action.

You will have access to setting column values in the user table, in the current table, or in other tables through the relation column.

When the correct table is selected (i.e. the table that has basket items). You will scroll down to all the relevant columns and select the clear value option.

You can include other actions in that list as well. Such as navigating to a different page, etc.

I hope that helps.

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Thank you so much!

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What “pending” button are you mentioning here? I don’t see it on the screenshot. Are you referring to the grouping instead?