Horizontal cards load part way through list

I’ve added an inline list of cards as a horizontal list and every time I open my app, my list starts part way through the list of items… as opposed to starting at the 1st item (farthest left). Is this by design or a bug?

Is this happening only in the builder? Can you check if it’s happening on your phone?

It might only be happening on my phone actually (Android). I think it’s been fine in the builder.

I’ve notice that too on someone else’s app. It also made my phone spaz out a bit (It’s time for me to get a new phone). I’m thinking because it was image heavy. This app in particular (2oxda.glideapp.io). The horizontal tiles just act weird for me. Initial load is in the middle of the list. Sometimes randomly. Clicking on it will open fine, then when going back it’s on a different image. Then it gets weird and sometimes the tile clicked is not the tile opened, or the image doesn’t seem to match the item opened. Can’t quite explain it. I don’t know if random sort order is being used, or if there is some sort of key issue where rowid would fix it. Or if the data is just weird like that that the from image truley is different from the image carousel inside the details.
I’ve never personally noticed an issue and it’s not my app, so I haven’t thought much about it.

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Same experience for me. My issue is that my horizontal list is a “recent updates” list with the most current item being first in the list. So when it loads halfway through, it sort of defeats the purpose.

This is a known issue. We are working on it. Seems to only happen with Android devices.