Hider Component

Following the solution given by @Jeff_Hager I would like to submit some ideas to create a special component for displaying a form in different stages.

How to create a form in several stages?

I just started building the form in stages. Glide could create a form in stages, with a “Hider” component for those who want to have a multi-stage form.

This is how this component could work.
The main function of this component would be to hide the other components or fields of the form.

Example: you have 9 components on your form, which are separated by two components of this new type. Let’s call it the “Hider” component.
The component will work differently depending on whether it is in the first place, in the middle, or in the last place.
If it is in the first place, (suppose we position it after three components or fields), it will hide everything that comes after it, ie the 6 remaining.
If it is in the last place it will hide the six that are before it and keep only the last three after it.
If it is the second, it will hide what is before the first and what is after it.
If it is the third, it will hide what is before the second and what is after it…
etc …
etc …
For the first “Hider” component and for the Middle “Hider” component(s), the label’s “submit” button is “Next”. And for the last “Hider” component the label is “Submit” or “Publish”.

Of course it is invisible… It could look like a line…