How to create a form in several stages?

I am trying to create a form like Instagram in 3 ou 4 stages with a NEXT NEXT NEXT then PUBLISH
How can I do this, and is it possible ?

I don’t have an available example right now, but I have done this. Instead of using a native glide form, I create a custom form with table that has a bunch of user specific columns.

To open the form, I have a button that opens a new screen that uses that table. There are a couple of methods you could use. One is to have a single screen, but with different visibility conditions based on a user specific column that holds a number. A Next button would simply increment the number. For example, if the number is 1, then show a group of entry components. When you click on Next, the the number increments to 2, and the visibility conditions make the next group of components show up.

Another method is to place a few entry components on the screen, then have a Next button with an action to Show New Screen → This Item, so you stay on the same row. So each button will show a new screen, but you keep editing the same row of user specific columns. The final screen would have your publish button which would add a new row by writing the user specific values to a different table.

Then you can set it up to clear the user specific columns when you add the row, or when you open the form. I prefer doing it when I open the form. It seems to work better.


The second method seems to be better for me… but l will try them both…
Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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I have used both the methods but really like the second method, instead of method using visibility.


In my opinion, make sure you add a way for the users to go out of the loop, e.g back to the Home screen. Otherwise if they’re at the final step there’s a chance they will click a lot to go back.


Are you referring to the first @Jeff_Hager’s method or to the second?

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The second. If I understand right, the first one is just one screen with visibility conditions.

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