Hide user from inline list

I have a list of employees on one sheet: Supervisors, Drivers, and Admin. They are all filtered out into their own respective inline lists. There are 2 shifts for the drivers, A and B. I have a relation that shows both drivers of the same route, one on the A shift, and the one on the B shift.

If I click on a driver, I see all their details, and the inline list that shows both drivers of the same route.
What I want to see is ONLY the opposite driver, not both the drivers in the group.

In the image above, I only want to see the top driver in the inline list, but not the bottom one.

I’m sure this is stupid simple, but I can’t seem to find the solution. Anyone have a suggestion?

You should be able to filter the list by screen values.

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Thanks Jeff, it was as I suspected, stupid simple. I appreciate the leg up.

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