Hide User Email - User Authorization Issue

Hello all,

I am building an app in which we sell products on third party marketplaces like OfferUp and Ebay.

We want to incorporate the purchase of an item with a verification process so that our users can sign into our interactive app.

If I wanted to relate a purchase to the email provided to us by our consumer, how could I ensure that their email will properly relate itself to the item if their email is encrypted when they sign in?

Here’s how I’ve structured the work flow:
1.) Person buys a kit on third part marketplace.
2.) We send an email with the verification ID and a CTA for them to join the app.
3.) After downloading the app and they sign in by pressing a login in button on the welcome page.
4.) Once a user is signed they are prompted to enter the verification ID (Row ID)
5.) If the Entered ID matches a lookup value (related by matching email address), then authorize.
6.) Authorized user, has access to dashboard, personal tracking system, and other features.

With this new change to hiding user email addresses, I am not sure if this workflow will function properly.

Any thoughts?

P.S. I would like to keep the app on a free plan until proof of concept.

You would have to explicitly ask the user to enter their email again and store it in another column after they have signed in.


I see what you are saying.

Something like:
4.) Confirm Email, submit (set column)
5.) Enter Verification ID
6.) Same as above (5)
7.) Same as above (6)

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Pretty much. The anonymous email isn’t going to be much use to you if you are trying to match up to data from an outside source, so the only way to get an email that’s not anonymous on a free app is to have the user type it in after they have signed in. The only odd thing to them is that they will have to enter their email twice. Once to sign in and again after they have already signed in.