Hide the colored bar of Chart

I need help to get the css code to hide the colored bar

لقطة الشاشة 2022-05-17 212633

If you don’t want the chart part of a chart, then I would probably just use some rollup columns, template columns and whatever else you need to get a couple of values that you can just place in a basic table.

The basic table cannot be used for filtering…
I choose the date (from - to) and then choose the number to get the results

لقطة الشاشة 2022-05-17 222903

If you set up everything up correctly in the data, it could act as a filter. For example, a properly set up relation and a Rollup against that relation…or IF columns in the data that only returns data based on the choice filter, followed by a rollup on that IF value would give you the same result.

I mean you may or may not be able to use CSS, but I think setting up the data tables to handle it would be more future proof. It’s not as straight forward as using a filter on a chart, but definitely possible.