Hidden component despite same configuration on two app

My app’s URL: app.azzurlocal.com

Hi everyone, i’m facing such a weird problem with my app.

I’ve setting up a custom shopping cart on my app, however i first made the changes on my “testing” app which works perfectly, and then i made the changes on my “production” app which is a Pro app.

So these two are configure the exact same way, they are even build on the same GS sheet.

Despite this my “production” app doesn’t work as it should and hide component that are still hide from user view.

I’ve been looking for ways to fix this for weeks ! And since i still haven’t find any solution, i reach the Glide support who wasn’t able to find where the problem comes from.

They keeps recommend me to post something about it on the glide community, so here it is :joy:

I hope someone will be able to help me as this issue had completly shut down my business.

I’ve seen a Topic from @Robert_Petitto here which seems very similar to what i’m facing right now.

Can you share some screenshots? What’s not showing? What are your settings for whatever isn’t working?

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Here is how it should look like →

And then here is how it looks on the “prod” app →

Your basket screen should be attached to a row. Do you have rows in the sheet that the tab is pointing to? Do you have any filters set for that screen? (formerly the features tab, but now the options tab) Do have row owners enabled in that sheet? If you do have row owners enabled, does the column contain email addresses? Do any of your components have visibility conditions set on them?

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No visibility conditions are only set on “statut” column and signed-in user, i don’t have enable row owners in that sheet.

However i’ve setting up Row ID

Look at my sheet here

Do you see the 2 items I added to my basket? User: glideapptest

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I don’t know if it has something to do with it but you have tried to delete the row id column and put it back when glide made the change, some id got out of the configuration for some reason

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Yes ! look :

Isn’t it going to break everything in my app if i delete Row ID and then put it back ? @alfonso_ayala @ThinhDinh

I’m wondering if the problem might come from the fact that these app are both synced on the same GS sheet ?

Show me as much as you can. I want to see what you have for settings under the Options tab at the top right. I want to see component settings. Any visibility or filter settings that could be affecting the problem. It’s most likely just a simple setting somewhere. The most likely cause is that the basket screen is not attached to a row (possibly due to filtering), or or individual components have visibility settings on them.


Alright @Jeff_Hager i will send you videos of workflow in my apps in which you could see all of this.

Is it possible that the cart is not attached to a row due to the fact that both of these app are synced on same sheet ?

Should i delete Row ID and then put it back ?

I wouldn’t think that having two apps using the same sheet would be a problem. Just leave it for now until we understand more.

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So here is the workflow of my “production” Pro app

And then the one of my testing app here

I also use a script on my GS sheet do you want a sreenshot of this ? @Jeff_Hager

Ok, tell me more about the Statut column. From what I can see, your inline list is checking if it ‘is not true’. One your other components, like the basic table, you are checking if statut ‘is not empty’. A Boolean column can have 3 states. ‘true’, ‘false’, and also ‘null’. Usually it would be normal to consider ‘null’ as ‘false’, but the best way to check for that is to user ‘is not true’. I don’t know if you are actually intending to check if the value is not null (empty)? If so, then ‘true’ or ‘false’ would trigger the condition to not be true and I wonder if you underlying value is already set to true or false instead of null (empty). I would suggest, when working with Booleans, to always check for ‘is true’ or ‘is not true’. Never check for ‘is empty’ or ‘is false’. A Boolean will always initially be empty, but once you check it and then uncheck it, it becomes false and will never be empty again.

Try checking you visibility conditions that use the Statut column and see if that helps.


The Statut column is basically here to tell if an order is done (TRUE) or still processing (FALSE), and even if the order doesn’t exist yet (NULL or “is empty”)

@ThinhDinh help me setting this

I will try to change component visibility based on Statut column as you told me, by switching from TRUE/FALSE/EMPTY to “is TRUE” / “is not TRUE”

If that is the intention, then you may be fine. I just know that can be a source of problems. Can you try adding a text component to the screen without any visibility conditions, then set it to a column that you know contains a value. If nothing shows, then I would have to think there is a problem with your filters on the screen and it’s not attaching to a row. I would try temporarily removing them, or double checking that the columns they are checking do have matching values. It looks like your inline list and screen are both pointing to the same sheet, so I’m not exactly sure why it’s not working.

At this point it’s hard to say what’s going on. You could probably try duplicating the app and if it works, just switch to using the duplicate as there may be a bug somewhere in your existing version. If it still happens in the duplicated version, then maybe you could strip it down and make a version that can be copied so we could copy it and take a look at what’s happening.


Like Jeff said, your best bet is to copy the working app and check if it works correctly. If yes, move the Pro subscription to that app, else come back to us and see if we can do anything to help.

I was working on this probably 1-2 months ago in an app in a team Yebaka shared with me and it worked completely fine.