Hidden component despite same configuration on two app

If only the Glide support could hear you @Jeff_Hager, i’ve been trying to tell them that there is a problem else than how my app is setting up but no one hear me.

I do add a text component to my “production app”, and it display the column’s value (the value is user email as other fields in the “commande” sheet are empty since there is no new order).

How do i check if i have matching values in email and statut columns ?

I’m just saying that if you are confident that the screen is attached to the correct row, then just make sure that the columns in the row have the correct values that your filters and visibility conditions are checking.

I would still try duplicating the app just to see if something is corrupted in the original app. If that doesn’t work, then I would trying removing the visibility conditions for each component that’s not working and re-add the visibility conditions. Removing the conditions should make them show up. If that still doesn’t work, then you may have to recreate the entire tab.


UPDATE : after changing the visibility option for both form and table component, from “is not empty” to “is not TRUE” as @Jeff_Hager suggested, these two show up, but in the details array there was only shipping fees, which is a custom value, that be displayed.

However the support told me that the whole problem might come from the subtotal field in the “details” array, as stripe button needs everything to show up in order to work.

I think there’s a issue with the subtotal field that ties down everything else in the checkout part of my shopping cart.