Hidden a row of a sheet for not showing up in the screen! Only one row of the sheet!

If I want the newest row in my speardsheet to be hidden on the app screen, what trick I can use? But I also want the search bar to be able to search that row. Help me please. Thank you in advance.

By newest row you mean last row?

Probably you can:

  • Use a numerical order in the Sheets, with an arrayformula, to number the rows.

  • In Glide, create a rollup column on that numerical column and determine the max number.

  • Show row when numerical order is not max.

However I don’t understand the part “the filter function to be able to search that row”. Can you elaborate?

Yes, the row which i added in the last of the data!!

I made a mistake. it is not the filter function but the search bar function. I mean if i delete the newest row on the sheet, the area of the search bar search will not be included the row i deleted. But what i want is that search bar function can be able to find all the sheet but not appear in the screen.

Then no, that is not possible. The row has to appear on the screen to be searchable. What’s your use case?

I have the session called Newest Information at the half top of the screen. Then, the below is the list of the data including that Newest Information post. That Newest Information Post only has one row of the data. Because that information will be shown up at the top, so there is no need to show up at that below again. But the search bar only can be set with inline list. So there is the problem to let that newest row not to show up at the area below that Newest Information.

Do you have a screenshot of how it would look like?

The top half of the screen has one of the content of the inline list below. I just want the search bar to be able to search the list included the content of that top half.

So both components I see here are inline lists?

Yes, the both is inline list with different sheets. Now I don’t need the top half content to be searchable so it is ok. Thank you for your help.

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