Hi, I'm David Siegel, CEO of Glide

Hello! I’m David, CEO of Glide. Here’s a picture of the founders of Glide, I’m the one with the arrows:

I grew up in Minnesota, and studied Philosophy and Computer Engineering in school.

I recorded a podcast where I explain the origin of Glide and why we’re doing it.

When I’m not working on Glide, I like to:

  • Ride my bike around San Francisco
  • Hike around beaches and forests
  • Swim, especially in natural water
  • Read books by David Deutsch, Borges, Wodehouse
  • Listen to music—especially dubstep while sweating on the elliptical these days
  • Talk in a baby voice to dogs
  • Drink wine with friends and discuss ethical & personal issues posed by technology

Happy to be here with all of you!