Heroes - Page

Hello Everybody,

Hope you all are fine!

Today, I like to share another app that I finished building called Heroes! This is a app that user can create teams and add heroes and add comments too! This can be used for like Classes and Students , Projects and Documents, Categories and Books etc.

Here’s the URL to view this app! : https://super-heroes.glide.page

Here’s a pic of it!

Hope you guys will like this app!

And I’m selling this one and the Notes app in here! : Nocodeshare.co

I tried to submit these two apps to the store but couldn’t do it because don’t have a Stripe account. If you guys are interested you’ll can buy it from the above mentioned platform! ( Credit goes to @Axta for creating that platform )

Thanks for checking this, guys! Very much appreciated!

Have a great day! Glide Rock :fire: :muscle: