Helping Film Sets Stay Safe: Back to Set app

Howdy all!
My company primarily does work with the film industry (see Quarantine Film Fest story in “Learn to Glide”). After running my first COVID world set, and dealing with the required protocols, I created a prototype app to help manage the daily questionnaires we had all the cast and crew answer and used the app as a check-in tool (manual, but boy would QR have been nice😉).

Cast and crew answer the questionnaire, it marks them as having completed it, they then arrive to set where the Covid Compliance Officer and/or set-medic scan their temperature and that person then selects the cast or crew member’s name from the drop-down and marks them as checked in. It tracks when they were checked in, and by whom. That all happened in the Alpha.

After the first shoot I realized we could offer more paperless solutions to film sets. Without boring you with film set terminology, there are several things handed out that don’t need to be if everyone has the same app. So… there you go.

We also were able to add a lunch ordering system. this is important because usually, film sets have buffet type ordering or lines at trucks. But with this feature, everyone can order ahead of time and no one has to go running around to find the people and make sure their order is in. It can even tell you who hasn’t ordered yet.

I added in some other features too, based upon use requests, such as signatures affirming the questionnaire results are true (THANK YOU @david & team for adding “Required” option on signatures😁).

I created single-production use versions for some interested parties. So, when you see Season 2 of “America’s Top Dog” you’ll see my name in the credits as “Software Consultant” LOL

We also were just used on a new Lifetime movie, where you’ll see a similar credit.

But I knew/know it’s not sustainable to do a new app for each production. So, I made a version that is a one-for-all set health & safety/paperless set management Glide app - Back to Set app @

I was working on another production and we used it for that project as the first project on the new version. Found an issue here or there, but overall it worked perfectly (one issue was shooting in an area with no cell coverage, can’t fix that). But otherwise, was a great Alpha of the new version.

So, yesterday, we launched the public Beta. It allows producers to go on, create projects, and then invite others to join the project, be admins, and do all the items described above but compartmentalized by project. I use Zapier integrations to fire off automatic communications and some sheet-to-sheet updates.

Here’s a GIF peek -

The one part I’m still struggling with is letting individual projects request, and have generated and sent to them, customized reports of the activity from their project. But, that’s to come.
That said, if anyone is a reports from API guru, HMU!

Anyhow, hope you like it Glide fam!