Movie and TV Sharing App

Here is the inspiration for the app. My wife and I like spend more time on Saturday nights trying to decide what to watch on Netflix than actually watching something. So we started tracking movies and shows in a list sharing app, but that got too long and we still have to search for trailers to figure out what to watch.

This why I created this app, which allows users to search and save movies/shows and save them to Collection. You can keep Collections private or share them friends and family. Once a Collection is shared, anyone can add or remove movies to it. Within the Collection, you can watch trailers, cast and also get recommendations.

I shared the app with my friends to collect feedback, but I am hoping to get more people to use it and suggest improvements. Link:


Great initiative. Seems like the results collection is not allowing me to click. Is it intended?

I am having some issues with the app working for non logged in users. To fully appreciate, I recommend registering.

The reason is the following: when a user clicks on an item, this item’s ID is saved in the users table. There are a bunch of tables that contain data that is being fetched from an external API (trailers, credits, recommendations, etc.). Each of these tables, lookup the item ID from the users table. Because user is not logged in, there is no item ID, therefore no data is not fetched. I am still trying to figure a workaround for it.

@ThinhDinh I think I figured it out, check out the app now please