Helper table question

I am building an app with a helper table

  • Set custom values in this item
  • Add row in other table
  • Set custom values (clear) in this item

Almost everything works fine, the only thing that doesn’t is that every time a row is added in the helper table where for me expected behaviour is that there is and remains only one row.

What do I do wrong?

@erwblo somewhere you seem to be doing a add row to the helper table. You should only do edit values in that table. Probably you are using a wrong action

That must be the case, but don’t see it in this schedule. The add row is to another table.

@erwblo from where is the action called. I expect that it is put in an add form container. Please show where the action is called

@erwblo can you show the action section on the button component ?

@erwblo well I just want you to select the component in the layout window and get a screen shot of the information in actions section in the button right. You might be referring to a form action and on this have the action you just showed.

Is this what you mean?

@erwblo exactly. But it is actually referring to your compound action and not a form action (which could have a on submit action). So should be fine
Hmm - how do you change data that must go into the helper table? I expect that you do that in another screen - and that screen in a form screen

I think I’m doing things in general in the right way, but like you say, maybe I have done something wrong along the way. I will delete this action and rebuild it. Seems best :slight_smile:

@erwblo i don’t think the problem is in your compound action. I think it is where you change data you want to put in the helper table. Well best idea

I have it working now! Don’t know what I did wrong, though.

But thanks! Understand things a little more now (form container)

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Glad to help :metal: