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Hi, how do I open the action editor? I can create an action but not edit it afterwards…? ! always have to start anew…

Select Create New to create a new custom action.

If you want to edit an existing one, it will show up in the dropdown with whatever name you gave the custom action.


:grinning: thanks alot…but could you pls help me a bit further? I want to list the scans in an inline list but list only displays one scan…:thinking: (see screenshot)

You should probably scan the code into a user specific column for the barcode scan. Afterwards, the add row should write to a different sheet altogether. The inline list should point to that sheet. Is this what you’re currently doing?

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Yeah, it looks like you are just overwriting the first row. There is no add row action…just the action to update the existing row column value with the code that was scanned. Doing the scan in a form would be a lot better.

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Thank you, Jeff….Yes, I can see that each scan is simply overwriting the last one, okay……but in fact there IS an „Add row" action…(see screenshot again)

I have two actions „Scan barcode“ and then „Add row“…So what I had expected was that each new barcode scan creates a new row in the list and consequently fills it with the new value…?!

I´ll have a look at Robert Petitto´s appraoch :slight_smile:

Once again thanks for always great support of the community….:slight_smile:

I´ll give it a try…thank you, Robert (and Happy Birthday :slight_smile:

You need to Add row to another table than the one you are scanning to.

Actions all fire at once, so your add row action is probably happening before you even scan the barcode. I think you need to scan the barcode to a user specific or temporary column, then have another button to add the row.


…well, looks like it works…(but is probably only one of various solutions/workarounds) - anyway…

So, what I do: I scan barcode to an inline list in a different tab/another table and - tadaa - all scan entries are neatly listed one after another… :grinning: I would have liked it to be listed underneath the “Scan barcode” button but I guess that I can get this with a relation…hopefully… :wink:

Thanks again for the experts´ help and this great community… :+1:

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You should be able to display the scanned barcodes underneath the button using an inline list. Just point the source of the inline list to the new sheet containing the scans.

Thanks Eric… :+1: :grinning:

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