Help with relations

I have read a lot on relations and watched youtube videos, but i dont seems to find out how it could help me, but it seems very relatable too.
I am trying to put together a portal for my clients to submit requests, they should hold 2 pcs of information, in which should help them to locate their requests,
So once they enter this 2 pcs of information, they should then be able to locate all the information for the said request.
I have 2 sets of data, 1 set which would be their submitted information, while the other should have the information of their request.
but I am unable to connect them both where I could do, when form is submitted, the landing page should disclose data 1,2,3.
(all my data is within Glide)
Any suggestion on how i could possible do that?

very much appreciated for any possible suggestions

You could use a template in Glide’s Template Gallery. Templates will help you get started, some basics including relations will already be set up for you, and these are a good way to learn by observing how the template was created.

If necessary, later you can then start over to adapt or even improve what you learned from the template.

Thanks ive had it sorted