Glide Pages Relations


I’m having a brain fade and struggling a little with relations.

I’ve created a B2B CRM Glide Page. We sell capital equipment and consumables to manufacturers. I have a product catalogue, customers, contacts and a list of equipment on site, both ours and competitors.

I have multiple sheets but in this context there are 3 primary ones :

  1. Customers
  2. Machines
  3. Customer Equipment

Within the customer page I have a list of equipment on site with a button to add equipment as needed. This points to the Customer equipment sheet. See below…

Within the sheet it will add the customer name, Model, Product code, Date of Manufacture, Date of installation and some other fields and allow me to add photo’s.

Machines can be one piece only or made up of components which assemble to be one.

Example above

Machine = Stitchliner 5500

Components below:

What I’m trying to do is be able to click the machine and once in detail screen see its components. See below…

The problem I’m having is that when I create the relationship from an array and match multiple I get multiple customers. Table below from left to right :

As you can see above Several customers are in the relationship. Multiple customers have the same Model but each should be treated independently. Presumably I should have a customer id from the customer sheet or something to link it all.

As i mentioned above I’m having a brain fade and would appreciate some advice to bring it back to life. Can you help?

Thanks in advance…cheers


I think what I would do is add a ParentID column to your Company Equipment table.
So then for example when you add the ACF-30 and you want it associated with the Stichliner 550, you write the RowID of the Stichliner 500 into the ParentID column.

You can then create a multiple relation column in your Company Equipment table that matches the RowID with the ParentID, and use that in a collection on your Equipment Details screen.

Thanks for your reply. Will this associate each line with the individual customer? Each model might be the same but the serial, date of manufacture / install etc will be different for each customer.

I was working on the assumption that you already have a column for CustomerID?
If you don’t, then you probably should add one.

Aaaah yes. cheers