Relate a specific page to a product

We have a spare parts catalog which we want that when we open the spare part we have a section, either a list/kanban where we can see specifically the machines that occupy that spare part, we already have a section where the specifications of the machines come but we want that when we see any spare part we can see all the machines that need them, I am a novice, I would be very grateful if you could explain to me step by step how we could achieve this.

Thank you all for your attention

Have you seen any videos on relations yet?

It seems to me that your machines table needs a comma separated list of parts.

  1. Use a split text column to turn the parts list column into an array
  2. Use a relation column (set to match multiple) to relate the array column to the spare parts table —> matching spare part column
  3. Somewhere on the details screen for the machine, display a collection pointed to the relation of spare parts