Many to many relations

Hey guys!

I just started Glide with a few project ideas. At the moment I’m making a classroom management app for a local language school.

I hit a sticking point when it comes to the relation between two tables TEACHERS and STUDENTS.

A student could have multiple teachers though out the week and a teacher obviously have many students.

When it comes to a relation table, I"m only able to display multiple students with a teacher but not both ways.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

How are you organizing the data on both sides? I assume it’s just a split text and relation away, but would love to hear more from you.

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As an educator, I’ve built many types of classroom apps. This is how I typically organize my data tables:


I realized I deleted the project. I’ll remember next time to provide a screenshot or video when I post a question. Thank you for the quick response!

Here is the issue resolved : Many to Many Relation

Thanks for the guidance, Robert! I got hung up on the phrasing.

Everything is understood and working now! Many to Many Relation

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