Help with making a section in the app

I have created a logistics app using the Glide platform. For each delivery, there are several details that include the date, time, customer name, address, contact number, status (completed, ongoing, delayed), vendor names, payment methods, package amounts, delivery charge, and assigned driver.

I require assistance in creating a section of the app that sums up the package amount, (regardless of the vendor from which they were sourced), and displays it differently for each day. Specifically, I would like to display the total package amount for each day in a distinct format.

Could you please provide guidance on how to create this section using Glide?

In my logistics app it summarizes the total package amount for all the days. However, the package amount displayed as ‘Driver Payment’ should be customized for each day, rather than being a cumulative total.

It would be best if you modified your question; it is confusing.

I want to create a section that’s shows a total sum of package amount of each dates differently, for example : the section should display the total package amount of April 3 in one section, April 2’s at another, March 30 in another and so on.
Does that make it clear ?

Not really… Do you mean the amount of the total packages for the day? Or a specific package?
Also, what do you mean by section?
Do you want to group each day?

Yes amount of the total packages of the day. For example

from the above table the section should display the total sum of Mar 19, 2023 to be 5150 and the total sum of Mar 21, 2023 should be 400 and so on. But i need to display this sum differently. I got stuck in displaying the sum of all of the packages amount but i couldn’t make different summation for different dates.
Section referring to just a part in the app. It can be a table or anything. I just need the data of the summation of each date differently.

I assume it is from one delivery guy?


Ok… it is a complicated solution… give me a few minutes to think about how to explain it without connecting with Zoom

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Yeah sure :smiley: No problem.

Ok… I can’t think of a native solution to calculate that for the whole datasheet without writing JavaScript.
You can do that by using a filter for a specific day, but you will only see that day’s data.

I don’t thing there is a solution to show the whole sheet recalculated without JavaScript.

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Okay will think about some other alternative ways around it. Thank you so much for your time.

Let me know if you want me to write that script…

And how do we implement it on this app ? I have no idea on it

Using a JavaScript column… buy me a beer or two… and ill make it :wink:

I didn’t know about it :smile: . Yeah sure that’ll be great.

ok… deal… ill let you know when is done

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Yo you can just leave it please. My country don’t have international payment system. I won’t be able to repay you. Thanks for your time.