Need help trying to make timesheet as simple as possible

Hi glide community!
I’m looking to make a time sheet that is as simple as possible, ideally I’d like my employees to be able to just click their profile in a list and have the options to simply choose their date and hours worked.

This all seems easy to accomplish however the issue I’m having is to calculate these hours together to display into specific pay periods for each employee.

I managed to find another thread which helped me create a pay period table but I’m not sure how to pull the hours from the employees and combine them into these periods. I seem to be walking in circles with this issue as I’m not overly experienced with glideapps. Any help would be much appreciated

What’s the pay period for your company? Is it weekly, monthly or something else?

This looks familiar! I think you may have started with a template I created.

In my template, users start by selecting a Pay Period and then the app loads the list of dates that are in that Pay Period. Each selection is saved as a User-specific value in the User Profile Table, which makes it easy to pull them into a form submission.

If you need a hand with this, feel free to PM me and I can give you a hand.


Pay Periods are Semi Monthly (1st-15th , 16th-Last Day of Month)
It definitely was your template that I was trying to go off of! I’ll send you a pm now. Much appreciated!

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