Summing Hours Worked by User and Pay Period

I have an app that enables technicians to enter their hours in the field. It sits on top of an Airtable base. Once the user makes a timesheet entry, my app shows the timesheet entries only for that user, grouped by pay period (which is week of the year). I’m trying to add to that screen to show the sum of hours entered for each pay period. Suggestions?

  • Create a query in the timesheet table, set the filter to userID equals to this row > userID and pay period equals to this row > pay period.

  • Create a rolllup column on top of that query, sum the hours.

  • Create a template column to combine the pay period and the sum above. E.g: Week 1 - 2023 - 20 hours.

  • Group your collection by that template column.

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Thank you sir! Will give it a shot.

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Please let me know if it works, or you need any further adjustments!