Keep track of delivered items

Hello, I want to keep track of all of the items that I regularly ship in various locations in Europe.
I send these boxes daily and at the end of the day, I want to see a list with all of the locations I have sent my items and how many items per country.
Here you have a screenshot of my excel file.
Thank you in advance

Hi @Alessandro_P , it seems it’s your first time posting in the forum, so first and foremost welcome to the community forum :slight_smile:

A few ideas that might help:

  • Unless you regularly work in the Google spreadsheet, I would store the data of your app in a Glide Table (you could create your app from a Google Sheet just in case).
  • Possible layout for your app: one tab for your list of items grouped per day, possibly a second tab with a chart+table of number of items sent per country (it’s unclear to me in your description if you would need this rollup per day or otherwise).
  • What is to happen when you change weeks? Do you empty your chart or do you need to keep a record?
  • Ask yourself if you will be adding items (boxes sent) directly in the table or through your app.
  • Possible structure of your “Boxes” table (whether in Google Sheets or Glide Data Editor): box_name (text column), box_description (optional, text column), box_ID (optional but might be useful to uniquely identify your boxes), box_shipping_country (text column), box_shipping_city (text column), box_shipping_date (date/time column)
  • Possible structure of your “Choices” table if you decide to add items through your app: locations (text column) with a list of location
  • To extract the number of boxes, you will need to become familiar with relations and rollups.

I think that should get your started. Make sure you structure your tables well (whether in Google Sheets or Glide).


Hi Nathan, thank you for your time. As you understood, it is my first time in the forum and one of the first times using glide.

I will explain the situation a little better:

I have to deliver boxes every day in differnt countries in Europe. As you can see in the excel screenshot, I have a section for each day. For each day, I need to know how many boxes I have delivered in that country divided by city, so it would be something like:

  • Rome: 2 boxes
  • Milan: 5 boxes


If on the same day I deliver in France, I need the same information as the ones for Italian deliveries and then, another column which tells me the overall deliveries in a day, so Italy + France + other countries.

This has to happen everyday and when the following weeks starts, I need a blank sheet to write on, in order to have the prevoius deliveries stored and divided from the next ones

Monday+Milan → 2

Do you plan

  1. to write “2” in your table?
  2. or do you plan to submit 2 records of shipment (destination_city, destination_country, date, box_unique_name) and then your table calculates that there were 2 shipments to Milan on Monday?