Help with Inventory app with Location and Category Hierarchies

Hello friends,

I am making an inventory app for my mechanic who is inventor-ising our electric bike workshop.

I have made hierarchies for the location of the items in the workshop with parent children relations for example:

Zones>Main storage area>Shelf A>Container 1 (Container 2, Container 3 etc.)

And one for the item category for example:

Asset Type>Vehicle Parts>Brakes>[Item]

but also have another category:

Asset Type>Consumables>Brakes>[Item]

With the third level being common between Vehicle Parts and Consumables to discern between things we expect to degrade and those we don’t.

I would like to set up a choice component that my mechanic can click through to enter data into the correct category. This isn’t as much of a problem with the location choice as there are no shared children/parents, however it would be great if there is a practical solution for this so that we can split the different categories into parts and consumables for each sub-category.

Hoping someone has this figured out or can tell me what I’m missing.

Thanks in advance!


Maybe do not make it a category, just property. Then you can use a filter to split the list.

What do you mean just property?

Do not create a separate category Consumables… add Consumables as a subcategory so you can add another sort.