Categories and Subcategories

Hi there,

I am new to Glide but it looks awesome and might be able to do exactly what I want.

I am interested in a simple data entry application where certain properties are recorded based on location. The data could be just a simple chronological list of entries with the proper default choices of location and property based on navigation.
The Categories and subcategories example seems like a great place to start. I tried to make my own spreadsheet based on the tutorial and it did not seem to work.
Do you have a template that you can share?

Thanks in advance.


I’m not aware of one that is specific to categories and subcategories. Are you saying that you duplicated it exactly from the Tutorial and it does not work? Does not work is a broad statement. What about it does not work?

I guess that is a little too general.

Basically I tried to duplicate the behavior of the Body/Muscle/… example and it just did not pick up on the navigation. I am wondering if I am missing something or the example is leaving out some critical info. By the looks of the example the app should read all the subcategories right away upon loading the spreadsheet and it does not do that for me.
I will try with EXACTLY the same data as the example.

OK, OK. I figured it out! The App works great now.

My next goal is to allow simple data entry into a new table based on the navigation that was just performed.

ie) if you went to say… BUILDING/LOCATION/PROPERTY Then you can add in a meter reading for that property into a new sheet that will just hold a chronological list of all the readings and will also fill in the defaults for you based on your navigation. like this…

Building, Location, Property, 57.5, Units, Date and Time…

Is this possible?

Sounds about right. Give it a try.

It’s been a little while coming, but we just finished the documentation on subcategories. We’ll try and do a video soon as well. Hopefully this helps future readers.