Help w/ Form/User Entry

I am pretty new to Glide Apps, so I am probably not thinking about this in enough detail with what it has to offer.

We have a lending product much like a line of credit that is based on the assets of the business. These assets are updated each time user submits an asset/borrowing report. I am looking to create an app that simplifies for our clients. What I would like is:

  1. Each time our borrower logs in, they have an option to submit a new borrowing report.
  2. If they choose this new option, I would like this to take them to a screen to fill out the borrowing report.
  3. In the report they are filling out, I would like it to have certain field that are pre-filled and not editable. It would then have fields that they can add assets and other information.
  4. I would then like it to use the MATH function to calculate the sum of those values.
  5. Then i would like the client to be able to submit that to us.

Example of calculation:

  1. Beginning Assets: $1,000 (Pre-filled from previous report submission)
  2. New Assets: $500 (Filled out client here)
  3. Total Assets: $1,500 (Autocalculated by Glide with Math Function)

Is this possible? Thanks!

This definitely possible.

So to simplify it, you want a form to record the previous row’s beginning assets, add them to the new assets filled in by the user to get total assets.

Do you need to show beginning assets and total assets to the user inside the form?

If you don’t, I think you can add a rollup column on a relation matching the user’s email to itself in the sheet where you store the submissions and return the sum of assets (on the new assets column). That should be enough.

Thanks for the quick response! I actually do need to show them the previous information in the ‘form’. I could do it as an editable field possibly.

I put a simple calculation above, but it’s actually more complicated. I need it to show live calculations, which can be accomplished with math column in glide. Once it’s complete, I need them to submit it for approval by someone on our team. Then once approved, it would show approved in glide. I’m open to multiple screens if necessary.

Here’s a screen shot of the progress I’ve made so far.

I imagine you can have multiple user-specific columns for entries in your “Form Responses - NEW” screen.

Then let users input whatever they want in there, in the Editor add math columns to take in your logic for the calculation and show them the result as desired.

Finally, this is where a form comes in, put in a Form button and catch all those columns you want via Columns component to a new Sheet, add a boolean value to let your team approve it and show afterwards.