HELP! My account got downgraded but I paid for a subscription until December 2023

I have a grandfathered account for a glide app I made for when the subscription was still about $30/ month billed annually. I decided not to renew the subscription so I cancelled my plan thinking my plan would continue until the end of the already paid for period which was until December 2023.

I cancelled the plan in September, and the app was still working normally. Then on October 1, I got downgraded to non-paid and my app stopped working. I have paying subscribers who are no longer able to access the app, and when I try to follow the instructions for filing a support ticket, there is no option provided as it suggests in the instructions.


This is beyond frustrating. Anyone know how I can get this fixed?

My suggestion would be to Open a Billing Enquiry (follow the link shown in your second screen shot).

But I suspect that you might be out of luck. Once you cancel a legacy subscription, there is usually no way back :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the suggestion – I guess I didn’t think to open a billing inquiry because I was looking for technical support. I opened a billing inquiry and am hoping they respond.

I cancelled my plan, but most companies honour the remaining duration of your already paid for subscription, so that was shocking. I was planning to do a migration plan for the customers, but now this was abruptly halted.

When you cancel a plan, Glide will usually give you a credit for any time remaining. So worst case, I would expect that support will be able to help you apply that to a new team plan.


Issue has been resolved. Thanks for your help. What solved the problem was emailing They were the route that responded first.

They were able to move my app to a new Team plan, credited me the remainder of my annual subscription and gave me the same grandfathered rate for the remainder of the plan.

Much appreciated all!

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