Help Me Relation

good morning
someone would know how to put a relation.
It took me weeks to get the prices of this app and I can’t do it.

For example:
If you choose
1 trough
3 cups
The value would be $75,000


If you choose
1 trough
4 cups
The value would be $95,000

but I don’t know how to relate them since it doesn’t give me the amounts that I should

and that the data come out in the Order table.

Does anyone have an example of how to do it thanks

Hi @scorpio,
try this and check the tab “New Choice”

Was this what you wanted to achieve?
If it was, copy it and look in the data editor.
I created a detail table that serves as a basis for the choices, then see how I built the relation based on a compound key obtained thanks to the template column.


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Yes, thank you very much, now I check how I have achieved

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This example was just to explain the method of retrieving a data through a relation based on a compound key. Note that in the Detail screen table I added, the columns containing the choices, in a typical usage scenario, should be user specific.