Matched pairs of data

Glide Tables: Is there a way to create matched pairs of data, like key & value?
If/Then/Else seems really terrible for this once you get many items to pair up, and Lookups don’t seem to work well for this.
How are people handling product/price pairings in their stores?

Do you mean like a relation to link the keyd and a lookup to get the value from the relation?

Ahhh I think I got it now, I was having a mental block about how I was storing the data for all my choice components. I had them all in one table like I had done for other apps, but it’s not going to work this time. I have to split that single table into multiple tables that contain the key/value pairs. Thanks

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I would think you could still use a single table. I have a table that contains a bunch of random different choice data and key/value pairs. You just need to set up each relation to the correct key for the related data and you should be fine.

Just a small clip of my sheet:

Okay, I remembered why I was having to jump through some hoops and things weren’t going to work out in the regular way. I hadn’t worked on this app for a couple of weeks. I’m fighting the “User-first” style of app, whereas I don’t want the User to sign-up at the beginning, but I want User-specific content.

I’m not able to do my relations and lookups in the same table as where my choice component writes to as they can’t be user-specific, see the screenshot.

Visy · Glide - Google Chrome 2021-05-14 at 1.53.50 PM

I have to use an intermediate table to do the calculations I want, but then the relations and lookups don’t work. I’m using a UID to keep the continuity between tables, and only the tables with user-specific columns are linked to tabs in the app. So now I’m trying to find the best way to take the key input of a choice component, reference a table for a key/value pair, and then bring the value back haha. I think the separate tables for the key/values will do it. Trying to avoid user sign-ups is fun!

Visy · Glide - Google Chrome 2021-05-14 at 2.03.21 PM