Help me create a Full page of animated gifs and advance to next image

I’m trying to recreate this inside glide

I was previously using web embed but the lazy load on my website meant you couldn’t view all images at once.

The goal is for a full page of animated gifs be shown one one screen.

Bonus points if we can filter the images into categories. But not mandatory

When image is clicked it gets enlarged and then from enlarged view, user can swipe to next image in the previous image.

Here’s the website that does this. I’m struggling with load times when Wi-Fi is bad. I will try to compress images more.

The goal is for kids to see a big list of jump rope tricks and choose what they want to practice.

Here’s my current glide page:

Click on all videos

Also how can I get images to load faster in general.

Thanks gliders!!!


Correction. I meant to say “or “ next image.

I think you would always struggle with this. I think GIFs, that are at a viewable quality, would still bring your load time up considerably. Even on your website, it takes a long time for me to load all GIFs.

Shoot. Ok I guess short videos would be worse then right?

The goal is to show a lot of tricks all at once so kids can choose what to work on.

Would the experience be much worse if they have to click to play the videos? If it’s not, you can use video components.

yes, they should all be viewable at once. hmm.

A custom collection with a video component embedded within the list would be very similar. The just have to click on the video to play it within the list. There really wouldn’t be a previous or next, but other than that I think the experience would be fine.

That leaves GIF as the only possible solution I think. I don’t have any other recommendations other than making it as small as possible and making sure the quality is still good enough.