Help: How can I optimise data flow from external source and don't die by update quota?


Hey Gliders! :wave:

I’ve started to develop an Expense Tracking application that allows users to:

  • Import transactions from their bank accounts
  • Categorize transactions with tags
  • Visualize spending trends and distribution by tags

I’ve already defined the functionalities and have started creating the application’s frontend. However, today I’ve become concerned about the consumption of updates and the potential cost it may add.

My idea was to store transactions in Glide Big Tables and allow users to import transactions from their bank accounts or with a CSV file upload, which would be managed via Glide API.


I understand that syncing each transaction from each user (1 row) would consume 1 update. Right?

I’ve done some rough cost calculations, and I would have to charge users a very high price to maintain the application.

Question to Gliders

  1. Can you suggest any alternative for adding transactions from an external source without consuming one update per transaction synced?
  2. Can multiple rows be added at the same time consuming 1 update?
  3. Would using BigQuery help me solve this problem somehow?

Yes, correct, assuming you’re using the Glide API.

I can’t think of one now.

To my knowledge, you can batch calls using the API, but still one added row costs one update.