Why does Glide Tables count syncs?

I’m using Glide Tables and the docs say:

The benefit of using Glide Tables is that you will never incur any Syncs.


Use Glide Tables if you can because Glide Tables do not use any Syncs.

But I have syncs counted to my updates quota when I don’t even use an external data source.

:wink: How else can they make $ ?

That’s why I use external data sources… so I don’t have syncs.

They make money from adds, edits and deletes but I thought we don’t pay for syncs when using Glide Tables.

Can you show a screenshot of your usage? Do you have any other apps in your team folder that are connected to Google sheets or other external data sources

I don’t have any other apps.

My app sync mode is set to normal btw.

Here’s the screenshot:

Are you using Big Tables?

We are working on a better view of updates soon.

I was doing some tests with Big Tables, so yes. Do Big Tables use syncs or is it just a glitch?

Big Tables use syncs, even just for reading them.

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Ah, I see.

Do you have any plans on reducing those syncs on Big Tables because it may result in an awful amount of updates?

I always looked at Big Tables as Glide Tables but just bigger. I would assume that the goal is to make them work identically, well at least on the surface.

We plan to evaluate how many syncs are used once Big Tables is released and used in practice before making any changes.

What’s your use case?

I’m building a project management app. Using Big Tables only as an archive is not an option for me because the number of active projects/tasks etc will most probably exceed the 25k row limit of Glide Tables.

Please must understand :pray:
Do you require SYNC on BIG TABLES as well?
And also only if I watch the table in the FRONT END?
It’s already excessive all these hefty charges
You have already created a lot of counts for charges in Usage
That’s why the SYNC in my account flies to tens of thousands of SYNC
(And I didn’t work with a third party!!!)

WOOOOW :dotted_line_face:
I even checked that I was only viewing the BIGTABLE page
He counts and obliges us in SYNC
What is it, how can we work like this
It depletes the Usage bank very quickly
and will cause excessive costs
Why don’t we work with BIG TABLES for free
Until GLIDE’s known line limit was finally resolved
Is that how you do it?
and for the Business PLAN package
You have limited rows to only 25,000 - 100,000 rows
In my opinion, much more should be given to such a PLAN
You have already created a lot of counts for charges in Usage
And all kinds of limitations of Public Users \ Private Users
And another whitelabeling limit
which should not be at all for a customer in a payment plan

How much will it cost us in the end? Hold projects in GLIDE

@Guy please be professional or I will ban you.

He does have a point though. There are simply too many limitations. Even if you have the most basic app, scaling it could be a problem.

btw Syncs on Big Tables keep growing without even being used in the app, just for existing.

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