Glide Big Tables - pricing

How are Glide Big Tables currently priced?
Every add row is an update. are there any other costs of using them?

You must be on a Business or Enterprise plan to use it. I’m not entirely sure what they mean about the “query cost” here. Any clues @Darren_Murphy @Robert_Petitto ?

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Im assuming no addition charges other than the update every time you add a row to the table if thats through an action from a glide app.

Yes I’m on a business and looking to start using it soon. Was thinking of tracking user actions on the apps, but thats going to be very costly with updates

I’m not sure either. I think this would be a question for @Sean_Martin


Good question. Every time we query the data source that counts as an update. This is similar to how BigQuery works.

Apologies if I’m still a bit confused.
I don’t still get the big table pricing model.

What is counted as a query?
I have an app of 2 tabs based on 2 big tables. Orders & Order Items.

The app is used to see every order & its items. There is no data update in the app. If a user searches an Order number using Glide’s built in search, would that count as a query?

I don’t think so. Instead, any query done from your APP to retrieve data will count as an update.

With BT as you know, the entire data is not loaded into APP so you need to create queries to retrieve specific data and work with it. This is why there is no a rollup column (native) in this scenario for example.

But just a curiosity: how many rows will your table have: 50k, 80k or 150k+ rows?
If your tables are going to be used to be read-only, there are other options to do it (and cheaper I think).


I’m planning what best options to store order history data.
We have 3 main tables, Orders, Items, Bookings

Tables will grow large quickly combined they will be over 150k+ rows.
Currently I am splitting them into multiple Glide Tables.

The app is just a user profile table and 3 big tables. So all tabs are based on the big tables only. And no other tables will query or access the data in the big tables.

I don’t need the tables to update in real time or do any rollups etc…, this is past order history we only look into it when we get feedback or queries from customers.

I still don’t understand though what a query is exactly or how much such a design would cost me. If i add data to the tables using the builder import feature. Will that consume or cost us anything?

With normal tables, Glide will load the entire dataset on the user’s device. With Big Tables, Glide can’t do that, so they have to load a small subset of the data. I don’t remember the number, but maybe up to 5k rows at once. Because it’s only a subset of the entire big table, Glide needs to re-query every time it needs to get another subset from the big table’s data. Every time it has to re-query that new subset, it counts against your update count.

if your data is marked as “historical” and does not need to be loaded into your app, you can use a service like this · Turn your google sheets into a REST API to consult it at any time with no problem and very fast.

Only use or keep a decent amount of data (maybe 7-10 days associated working data?)
to make your App lighter and when you need to check your past order history, just consult it via REST API.

I hope it helps you.


Thank you.
Very Interesting.
Will give it a try. Are there examples or demos in the community of a glide app connecting to to get data?

Hola de nuevo,

Honestly, I don’t know but I carried out my own REST API to test this idea and this was my result:

Currently, I have improved the solution and use other tricks to improve GS response time and works fine. I tested several services like but in the end, was the most versatile and robust.


I really hope they make the pricing as part of the packages and that’s it
There are already too many triggers and payment restrictions
It would be excessive and unprofitable

Hola @gvalero

When you say need to create queries to retrieve specific data… do you mean with a 3rd party? Is there a way to query BT from a glide table similar to how BigQuery works as a data source?

Thanks in advance.

Actually, that’s not correct.
With Big Tables, the data is loaded as its needed, a little like a traditional client-server model. You don’t create queries, in fact there is no mechanism to do that.

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Ok I’m trying to understand how to replicate a filter I use in GoogleSheets… it is the last component to free myself of GSheet.

Admittedly I haven’t used BigQuery. I’m just going off this screenshot which appears to load data into a glide table via a static query.

Perhaps I need to use BigQuery to achieve freedom from GSheet.

Yeah that’s Big Query, which is different to Big Tables.

To be honest, I haven’t tested Glide with Big Tables but according to what I have seen in videos, you can create queries internally.

This pic by @Eric_Penn is an example (but again, I can’t confirm if this is optional or mandatory)


The screenshot is from the docs about BigQuery not BT… perhaps that’s where the confusion is coming from.

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Ah ok!

So we need to clarify all this :woozy_face:

In fact, I swear/believe that BT is the same as BQ but Glide used a new expression to make it friendlier (like Firebase → Glide Table).

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