Early Access: Glide Big Tables 💪

Hey all,

You’ve asked about higher row limits in Glide projects, so here you go:

Say goodbye to row limits and add 10 million rows with Glide Big Tables :muscle:

Glide Big Tables is a new native data source that gives you more data for your company’s most ambitious projects.

There’s no lengthy provisioning or messy setup.

You can create a Big Table from scratch, or import existing data and start building the tools you need.

Other perks of Big Tables include:

  • Security. Fine-tune access permissions with row owners.

  • Power. Create dynamic and customized data fields with calculated columns.

  • Speed. Query faster! Search and filter data without waiting.

Start building without limits :point_down:

Join the Big Tables Early Access program →

Note: There are some limitations to Big Tables. From the docs:

There are some features in Glide that aren’t compatible with a Big Table. We’re working to reduce these limitations! For now, those unavailable features are:

  • Rollups and lookups into relations
  • User-specific columns
  • Filtering, sorted, and search in computed columns
  • Grouping in components
  • Big Tables do not update in real time. A refresh is necessary to update.
  • A Big Table cannot be the User Profile data source

Kudos to @Robert_Petitto for the nudge to include this in the announcement. :pray:


Just curious, will you be able to convert an existing Glide Table to a Big Table or will you need to export that Glide Table and then import into the Big Table?

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As far as I’ve seen, you’d need to export your current Glide Table and import it to the Big Table.


I haven’t seen a “conversion” option either, so it would be export->import.

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Thanks. I’ve never exported data before, so I assume all the computed columns do not get downloaded and thus will need to be recreated when imported into the Big Table?

Computed columns get exported as basic columns. So if you need them to be computed, then correct, they’ll need to be recreated.

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May join to try the beta version of Glide Big Tables? Currently, I have some clients project relating to hauling business management (quite similar to fleet management). I think my Glide Pages/Apps need more than 25K rows/project. Update quota is solved by a pay-as-you-go option.

I use a pro version for each client, but I think they will be OK for upgrading to business version.

Thanks in advance… Go Glide Go! :+1: :+1:

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@Bungchow_IDEApps Excited news!

Probably best you sign up :point_down: don’t want you to miss out on joining the early access opportunity


@Rosewebstudio Thank you! Done, hopefully… :+1:


Another question, because it appears we can have both Glide Tables and Big Tables in the same project, is the 10M row limit per Big Table or per Project? Or did I misunderstand and Projects can only have 1 table type?

What if you have 2 Big Tables, can each have 10M rows?

Disclaimer: I don’t speak for Glide, these are just my thoughts based on my own observations.

Firstly, I don’t believe the 10 million rows is any kind of hard limit. It’s really just a number that’s been thrown out there to impress everybody :wink: The main message that Glide are trying to give is that row limits is not something you need to be concerned about any more.

The 25k row limit has always been more of a Google Sheets limit rather than a Glide limit. As far as I’m aware it has never been enforced (except on the lower plans), but everybody kinda of knew that if you’re using Google Sheets then you can expect things to start bogging down once you approach and exceed that number.

I suspect that Glide might start relaxing their advertised row limits pretty soon - at least on the higher plans. That doesn’t mean you’ll be able to attach a Google Sheet with a million rows and expect it to work, because it won’t. Nothing is changing there. But the nice thing is now we have options for larger datasets - Big Tables, Big Query, and probably more to come in future.


I saw this banner and clicked “Try for free” button:

But, there is no option for Glide Big Table on Editor dashboard.

Can you help me @NoCodeAndy?

Perhaps you need to wait for the invite first.

This is the message I received after expressing my interest :point_down:

Good luck @Rosewebstudio ! :+1:

Actually, I already upgraded one of my team folders to a Business version and hope to trial Glide Big Table (100K rows, maybe…). However, there is no a Glide big table option on my editor dashboard :upside_down_face:

I sent a ticket to Glide about that issue and waiting for Glide team response :pray:

Just wondering and I understand this is beta but without rollup and lookup columns is the usage limited?

Hi I am interested in big tables. I just converted to business plan. What are next steps to get access


Big tables is really BIG! I hope to get access too haha (scrolling all the posts here in the forum) and upgraded to business just for this feature.

We have a lot of projects which we would be able to convert into SAAS products quite simple if the amount of rows in the project was higher. So big tables brings a whole new set of options to no coding with Glide! (No rollups and lookups will be a challenge but I am sure we will be able to work around this for now, although I hope rollups and lookups will be able once big tables goes live)

Big Table sounds fun, but I’ve submitted my early access request (twice in fact) but I didn’t get to hear from the Glide Team.

Any help from the community on this?

You can enable it yourself from your main dashboard. Click on “Previews” at the top right.