Convert glide table to big table

Is there a way to convert a glide table to a glide big table ?

No, not directly.
The closest you can get would be to export/import the non computed data.
Given the limitations of Big Tables, I think that it’s unlikely that we’ll see a direct conversion tool any time soon.

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@Darren_Murphy what are the limitations of Big tables ?

(refer to the “Limitations of Big Tables” sub-section)

@Darren_Murphy the limitation of glide tables is 25000 rows per table or per app ?

The limit is per App, and depends on your plan.
It starts at 100k (not 25k) for Business, and goes up from there.

This is all broken down on the Pricing Page.

@Darren_Murphy let’s take the case when I create multiple apps on the pro plan and then I need to scale the apps … how can this be achieved, when the apps are created using Glide normal tables ? From my point of view , I need to recreate the apps using another type of table … am I right ?

You won’t necessarily need to re-build the whole App. You just need to do a bit of forward planning. Identify those tables that you expect will need to be migrated to Big Tables, and treat them as if they are Big Tables from day one. That is:

  • minimise your use of computed columns in those tables.
  • where you do use computed columns, try not to add any that would not be supported if they were Big Tables. This applies to the tables themselves, as well as other tables that reference them.

If you take that approach, you’ll find it much easier to migrate them to Big Tables when the time comes.

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As we cannot target big table computed columns with relations, is it fair to say that starting day one with normal tables, we could favor relations to raw columns and then compute lookups with JavaScript columns?

Basically try any means you can to work with basic/raw columns, including setting computed column values to a normal column, which is my go-to method these days. Then you can work with the basic/raw values.